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Hey pal, you ok? [Aug. 30th, 2008|12:25 am]
[mood |Transcedant]
[music |Goldfinger WOO!!!]

I don't... get.. emo people. is life THAT bad? have you managed to dig yourself into such a deep dark hole that you've decided there's no returning to the surface so instead you hide behind dyed hair and drape every posession of yours (yourself included) in black? does that make you feel better? And moreso how do you do that when it's like 102 degrees outside? how do you wear long pants and long sleeve shirts in the sun without passing out? is there some.. secret? and how do you get so white? I mean that can't be healthy... anyway I don't really... CARE.. I just don't get it I mean.. well who cares what I mean. I got an interesting letter today. I guess one of my old credit card providers got tired of waiting for me to pay up so they hired someone else to threaten me. But that's ok.. I kinda wanna get my debts paid up anyway and when they come find me.. it's easier than simply trying to remember who all I owe money too =D so.. got that settled.. well.. not settled but got it uh.. well we made a deal so I don't have to make any court appearanced MAN do I hate going to court. I also hate women. They're evil. Well I think they are anyway. also my stomach hurts.. well it doesn't hurt.. I mean there's a minor ache.. probably all those damn hot dogs. Ballpark knows how to make a hot dog... they look all small in their packaging.. but throw'em on a grill or in the microwave and POOF monster hot dog!!! cheap and delicious =) what else... there's gotta be something else OH! I start my new job in like 7 days or something.. we're not 100% sure. it's gonna be weird. good thing I already know the job right? they're firing the old guy(which I feel kinda bad but.. then again he IS bitter old perverted asshole) to make room for me, so I'm basically going to go in alone.. fire up the forklift and go at the day o.o hopefully I can remember everything quick. I mean it was all easy shit so there shouldn't be a prob aside from getting down the feel of the forklift again. man I'm poor.. this blows. where does my money go? that damn jeep... that's where my money went. hopefully pick n pull will give me a decent check for the damn thing. watch them not accept it.. I'll be pissed. guess I'll try to sell it for parts on craigslist? Iunno.. whatever. it's hot as hell in this damn camper. it's a nice camper and I'm glad it's here but damn conserving energy is hot... temperaturewise. I'm sweatin. but.. that's ok I guess. my body's natural method of attempting to cool itself off costs a lot less then havin the A/C blow all night long. it should only be like 75 degrees in here.. it feels warmer. maybe it's this damn light.. the lights get SUPER hot for some reason.. like a spot light... it's kind of rediculous. anyway.. I've totally fallen for you and for that exact reason I hate you =) goodnight world.
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Short term parking.. [Aug. 25th, 2008|09:57 pm]
[Current Location |here in my bedroom]
[mood |bewildered]
[music |..crickets..]

wowza.. been a while since I've posted, me and the infamous jean have long since gone our seperate ways. I've moved to alabama and back(worst experience ever.. more on that later I'm sure) I'm actually without a car.. which.. blows.. I mean I have my nephew's 2008 Mustang.. but that's a powerwheels aaaand I'm really just better off sticking to my bike. interesting I'm going  back to work at the same warehouse doing the same job I did when I last wrote on this thing.. only 15 bucks an hour.. a lil better than 9 bucks eh? well I thought so.. but that's cool. I'm trying to get away from 2 wheel drive cars that are only good for riding on pavement. I mean I love a double supercharged dodge challenger lowered 2 inches with a classic paint scheme as much as the next guy.. but I don't wanna be annoyed when someone with dirty shoes hops in... so I'm thinkin maybe an '89 Bronco? I don't need the Eddie Bauer BS just.. somethin I can take out on the dirt and not wory about too much. I'm not gonna be takin it on the rubicon, I just want something unnecessarily capable. sure it'll drink gas like I breathe air but it a sense.. it's worth it. I'm about to be makin awesome money with nowhere to go but up, the truck will be paid off.. I'm NEVER financing a car again.. talk about the dumbest thing you can do. most cars lose financial value the second you drive'em off the lot anyway. but yeah.. women are horrible things. I could go into detail and I will for just that reason. I'll meet some girl.. she'll be awesome.. cool as shit to talk to.. we start flirtin cuz she's a sick puppy then one day her boyfriend shows up.. and ur like hey wtf.. who's he? boy-what?? you have a.. how the f*ck long has..? wtf! ok so that's over then you meet another girl but she wants less than nothin to do with you... then some girl has a crush on you but she creeps you out so you stay away from that part of the store.. then the only other girl worth a lick(or 2... heh) is all the F*CKING way on the other F*CKING SIDE OF THE F*CKING country which is like 2 strikes on it's own because SHE wants nothing to do with you. dating ex's is ALWAYS a bad idea even if they are super cute and you 2 were totally in love before since and after you got together and the only reason you ever split was because her parents are DOUCHEBAGS. and so it comes down to you're just lost.. why? good job.. good friends.. loving family.. but one girl.. one single girl who's completely intangible ANYWAY.. can seem to bring an entire otherwise perfect world crashing down into billions and billions of tiny little piercing shards. go figure right? shes not even my type(I like to say things like that so I don't feel as bad) truth is she seems to be more my type than anyone I've come across in ages... seriously.. and I dont just say things like that. I mean once in a while I simply try to convince myself? but I always know the truth under it all you know? anyway yeah I don't know what else... I've been thinking about pot a lot lately.. I haven't smoked in forever which is prob a good thing.. hell I don't even have a PS2 anymore so what's the point really? I should get an XBOX so I can get Tiger Woods Golf... man good memories. I'd love to visit some headshops in tahoe too.. some wicked glass out there.. even if I don't wind up smoking again I'd love to have some of the pieces. I kinda wanna get some of my piercings again.. am I having a midlife crisis at 23 or something? I already want to relive my youth... I'm feeling old I'm feeling like I've already wasted all my time and now I'm merely fighting to get my head above water.. boiling water at that.. stings a little. dang.. girls.. cars.. and work... the only 3 things I need to survive.. 1 girl in particular is all I actually want.. but like I said... intangible.. there's another girl I'd be chill with.. ha ha I said chill.. I mean hell we always had fun with eachother... always.. *cough* but that's not a story yall need to know =D anyway we should do this again sometime.. someone bring marshmallows next time and we'll make s'mores! ciao for now
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it was bound to happen eventually I suppose [Mar. 22nd, 2005|02:51 pm]
[mood |irateBitter even]

man, it's been a while since I've posted huh.. like anyone reads it anyway.. maybe it's more fun talkin to myself though. SO.. me I'm in love, I'm in school, and I'm in a house.. right now. cool. very cool. but mainly I'm in love.. we have our little.. spiffles.. yes spiffles, if you don't know you don't need to. but she's really something wonderful, we've both got things to work on, but what're ya gonna do? hmm.. how about work on them.. them being.. the things we have to work on.. cuz really that's what a relationship is.. you have to relate. and if you don't relate.. well.. try to. the harder you work the more rewarding it'll be at the "and they lived happily ever after" part.. am I right? huh?huh? am i?! yes, yes I am.. why? because i am Robin of Loxley. did you know Robin Hood is actually several stories combined? yep.. so uh.. lemme see.. what else.. I've been trying poorly to sell my van for about 2 or so months.. yeah not much luck.. stupid gas prices.. u know if gas were a buck a gallon, everyone would want my van.. seriously. Jean has a smiley picture of me and her in a duck frame, it's cute, makes me happy.. actually Jean makes me happy.. all the time.. sometimes she gets annoyed with me though, but you can't be in a relationship without being annoyed by one and other once in a while.. well maybe you can.. if you were both deaf and blind.. but that would just suck. blow even. we like to play yahoo games sometimes.. I'm a boardgame person.. she's not.. I think she likes more complex things, going places, physically doing stuff, etc.. me.. I'm more of a simpleton.. board games.. some tv.. maybe a movie 5 times.. heh.. I really like some movies.. like the incredibles.. I thought Finding Nemo was great I had to have watched that like 50 times.. but now.. oh man.. Jean bought the incredibles.. which is really only GREAT if you have a home theatre.. big tv preferred but not necessary.. my back won't crack.. Jean is studying stuff and asked me to go do something, and I was bothered, like I am whenever she seems annoyed or preoccupied.. but it's ok, I'm over it now, it's been about 5 minutes or so.. it's 2:59pm tuesday, march 22nd.. which means I'll be 20 in.. 31 days .. damn.. I'm old, well I feel old.. 20.. maybe when I move out I won't feel so old, I'll feel young again.. but we'll see what happens with that, I guess I have furniture when I move out, furniture and a bad ass radio.. well.. STEREO.. it's not just a radio.. it's pretty much an everything.. which is glorious.. ok,.. well I have to e-mail a grocery list to my mother and maybe she'll buy me SOME GOD DAMNED SUNDAE CONES!
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I am such an asshole [Nov. 9th, 2004|06:04 pm]
[mood |coldcold]
[music |Skindred - Nobody]

I AM SO IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!
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OW! AHH! OH GOD IT HURTS!! SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!!! [Oct. 8th, 2004|08:56 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]

ok.. ok.. I'll post.. well.. update.. ok post... .. yeah.. uhm.. National Music Supply is a bad ass company.. they're an Ebay store that deals music instruments[of all types] great prices, great products, and GREAT customer service.. I bought an electric guitar for like 50 bucks.. it's a nice guitar too, I had to tighten like 3 screws but who cares? anyway the deal was it came with a free cord, and a free extra set of Fender™ strings.. well I tore the box open.. and guess what.. no strings.. so I hop online and e-mail the company sayin "hey.. I didn't get any strings" not quite as blunt as that but y'no.. anyway they e-mailed me back with an apology and 3 days after I sent the e-mail the strings were at my door.. KILLER customer service.. if you want a new instrument.. NOT used OR refurbished.. I recommend going to ebay and looking up National Music Supply.. anyway.. homework sucks SUPER ass! YEAH! but Jean.. :) jean doesn't suck at all.. she's just a totally awesomely bodacious babe.. who, mind you, looks damn good in a thong.. yeah you heard me.. she's my babe tho so if you wanna even look at her with any sort of intent.. I will be more than willing to break every posession I have over your dumb little head :) me and her had a small dispute today.. muy small..o but we got over it and alas.. I did not get new shoes[what a tragedy... note the sarcasm] so we had a great day.. or so I think.. cept she has too much homework.. I COULD be wrong but I'm not when I say it's just rediculous.. and I'm bad with essays so i gotta pull one out of my ass tomorrow night and then I'll just do a full on rewrite later.. so uhm.. I'm getting another speaker.. I'm sure I've spoken of my great and mighty stereo that I have so far.. well I guess a friend of a friend needs to get rid of an ancient amped speaker. it sounds like it's a PA speaker.. and what're PA's designed for? volume.. so i'm thinkin about usin that as my sub.. then i'll have all 5.1 channels which means i'll have to redesign my room.. but see I have zero problems with that.. it's gonna be tough this time.. but I already have ideas in the works.. the only thing that sucks is my stereo is 5.1 channels but my DVD player is only Stereo.. but I mean.. that's cool because what's the point of tower speakers if they only pop on to play a sound from behind you from time to time? useless.. I like to be engulfed in the sound at all times.. and my receiver.. has the same casing as one RCA has out... same abilities.. everything's the same.. except mine was put out by Pioneer[awesome company.. I'm loyal] and it was only $99.99 but RCA? they want $199.99.. now I don't know WHY RCA thinks they can get away with charging that much.. and it doesn't even come with the cheapo speaker set that usually comes with the cheapo receivers.. I had an amp problem with my receiver a while back.. got it fixed under warranty.. :) I learned from my mistake.. MAKE SURE it's off an unplugged before disconnecting speakers.. seriously.. anyway..I can't wait.. this is gon' be fun fun fun.. just my stupid bed IT'S SO STUPID! no it's not... my mom is stupid... she could put her wrapping and birthday crap out it in the shed.. but NOOOO.. just go ahead and stick it in MY closet ma cuz I have room like that! jesus.. seriously.. it's stupid.. but yeah.. I have to set up my room to suit me.. and since we movbed in I've never moved my dresser.. SOO I think I'm gonna move my dresser.. totally bitchin, no?.. and for whatever reason.. the illustrators have decided to make the cartoon "Evil Con Varne" incredibly dteailed with shading and everything.. guess they were bored.. anyway.. ok anyway I love Jean. and I desprise school.. that's really all for now.. talk to ya'll later.
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My sweet red creeper [Sep. 24th, 2004|12:38 pm]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]

but on the brighter side.. I'm getting a new car.. not.. not just a new car.. a FUCKING BITCHIN CAR!! this thing is like Sick times 10.. a 94 Toyota Celica.. and between now and when I die.. this thing will be one sleak sexy beast, and the only thing that'll make it even hotter will be my baby jean in the passenger seat BWhahAhHAhHAHAhA.. and I thought my cavvy was sweet.. psh.. hell nah.. well.. ok ok it WAS sweet.. but this thing is just.. simply.. bad.. bad to the chrome.. cuz.. it doesn't have bones.. yeah.. clean.. JUST painted, almost brand new tires PLUS brand new winter tires PLUS even MORE brand new winter tires.. red.. just.. yeah.. one killer peice of machinery! so yeah.. you'll hear more when I know more.. details to come.. YES!!! .. man, Jean's gonna look so hott in it..
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hmm.. that like totally sucked, bruh! [Sep. 24th, 2004|12:14 pm]
[mood |thankfulthankful]

WHOA! ok?! WHOA!! that was REDICULOUS!!!!!!!!! fight.. not even a bad fight.. just a stupid FIGHT.. WHAT THE HELL? huh!?!? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?(yes, I'm yelling at myself) JESUS! FUCKING! CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway.. k.. Jean.. she's.. this girl.. I know.. maybe.. you've heard of her(if.. you even know who I am or have read ANY of my other entried.. fights SUCK.. no.. me.. my superb intelligence and ability tro deal with this latest particular predicament HOLY SHIT! JEFF YOU'RE STUPID!! DON'T EVER EVER EEEEVVVVEEEERRRR DO THAT AGAIN!!! GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH! :slap: yeah.. so me and.. my BABY! MY BABY!! MY LOVE! MY LOVER! she means everything to me.. and I don't use that lightly SHE IS EEEEVERYTHING! ya hear me? jeez.. NEVER AGAIN ok? that's the worst it's ever been, and the dumbest I've ever been in my life.. I don't wanna go into details of what happened cuz everyone who needs to know, knows.. seriously.. so.. yeah..
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did you know online journals are also called Blogs? [Sep. 19th, 2004|04:54 pm]
hmm.. uphill... o.O no not today.. went and saw a 91 Geo Storm 4 sale today.. had over 200 THOUSAND miles on it.. I'm spelling the word thousand out because it's more dramatic that way.. so yeah.. I drove it just to drive it.. and u could smell fumes inside it.. acceleration? what's that? oh well.. this car didn't have any.. then the trunk popped open.. so I told the people I'll think about it and call 'em in the next few days.. but I dunno.. we'll see what happens with that.. what else.. oh.. Jean doesn't like me any more.. and understandably she's tired of my bullshit because I'm sort of at a point where I haven't much money.. our anniversary is comin up. I need a new car, I need this and I need that.. and I need a new job.. and I'm one of those people who hates change.. so I don't know what the hell to do.. everything kinda sucks a little bit right now.. and I'm clueless.. I don't know what to do.. I guess that's pretty much it.. the story of my life.. I don't know what to do.. I've never known what to do.. I'm a follower.. I need a guiding light to show me the way.. on my own I'm just a babbling idiot.. it's like I'm running around in a pitch black world and somehow still managing to make wrong decisions.. that's not how it's supposed to be.. it shouldn't be like that at all.. and I've just fallen back into my lil way of doing almost everything wrong.. and if I'm not doing things wrong... then I'm just not doing them right.. there's an in-between right? :huff: I don't know.. I've been hearing myself say that a lot lately "I don't know".. don't even have to ask me.. I'll just tell ya I have no freaking clue so before you even ponder the thought of asking me.. I'll tell you now.. ask someone else.. cuz I don't know.. I won't know.. and mostly likely I never did know.. maybe I'm partially retarded and I just never noticed it.. I have always been a slow learner? oh well..

yup.. things are great
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PIMPLE POPPER!!!!!!!!!!! [Aug. 21st, 2004|08:37 pm]
[mood |gloomygloomy]

Main Entry: 1im·promp·tu
Pronunciation: im-'präm(p)-(")tü, -(")tyü
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from impromptu extemporaneously, from Latin in promptu in readiness
1 : something that is impromptu
2 : a musical composition suggesting improvisation

Main Entry: 2impromptu
Function: adjective
1 : made, done, or formed on or as if on the spur of the moment : IMPROVISED
2 : composed or uttered without previous preparation : EXTEMPORANEOUS
- impromptu adverb
[heh.. what a word...]

HA! yeah I showed all you bitches!!!! THAT'S RIGHT!! YOU'RE ALL BITCHES!!! unless you're Jean.. then you're not a bitch.. but everyone else.. you're all bitches.. k.. I'm working.. not very hard.. but still doin' my nifty warehouse gig.. 9 bucks an hour.. not necessarily a LIVEable income but.. it doesn't amount to a bad sized savings account.. the way I see it.. is if I stay here for another year.. and never be out of a job paying at LEAST $9/hr +.. then.. I'll have a pretty phat savings and I'll probably have a good downpayment for a HOUSE.. that's right bitches.. you heard me.. Jeff is gonna work his ANUS off and have his FIRST property be a house.. once that's paid off.. study study study.. and buy another house.. rent that out.. nice side income.. but not great.. then get another house.. close to a school.. specifically a college.. at least a 3 bedroom so people can share it y'no.. those darn college kids always looking for good housing close to school.. then.. take that money.. and get some richie f*ck house for some widowed old lady to rent out till she dies.. then.. sell it.. and be like WHOA! I be livin LARGE.. all this while still diddling in business and computer EVERYTHING.. comp graphics.. comp networking.. comp programming.. tourbleshooting, repairing.. EVERYTHING! HAZZAH!! :\ Jean's in a farty mood tonight [not like.. farting just.. kinda angry cuz too much BS lately] so.. school.. yeah.. yay for school[you'll note the LOWER CASE letters signifying my great excitement] I mean I AM excited.. and.. thanks to the cheap bastards.. er sorry.. THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT THAT WOULDN'T GIVE ME A GRANT BECAUSE MY STUPID HELPLESS MOM THINKS SHE'S DOING MORE THAN ANY OTHER PARENT EVER HAS BY LETTING ME LIVE WITH HER.. I'VE PAID EVERY DIME SO FAR FOR SCHOOL and that shit wasn't cheap.. almost 700 FUCKING dollars.. I shouldn't be spending 700 FUCKING dollars to continue my education.. NO.. I should be using the money from the college fund that was put in a bank when I was a VERY young lad and has been collecting interest... but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. she just wants me to go.. she doesn't wanna help me get there.. psh.. bitch.. but.. I'm there.. so fuck her.. and dad.. FUCK YOU TOO.. fuckin asshole goin back on everything you said you'd help me with.. FUCK YOU.. aww.. Terra died..[rock girl from teen titans] that sucks... oh well she was too skinny anyway.. stupid american anime.. I don't know what to make of it.. so.. school.. is one week away.. am I prepared? :D sure ain't! but i will be.. I get monday and tuesday off.. so I'll get everything figured out.. anyway.. I wanna keep my van.. but the darn thing.. I dunno.. I want a car.. but a car is SO small.. like.. my van.. when I'm behind you.. it's nerve-racking.. seriously.. you're in this lil tiny 4 cylinder wanna-be racer.. then there's this SUPERSIZED monster vehicle behind you.. roaring from the overhauled V8 under the hood.. somewhat intimidating.. AND.. [unless I'm on a hill] there ain't no way ur gettin away from me..[yeah.. one motherfucker in particular I've been DYIN to come across but so far no luck..] anyway... when I do see you on the street.. I'll be blunt.. YOU'RE DEAD, BITCH! :D yeah.. I'll rip you right out of that lil bitch car you're drivin' and pound your head against the pavement till you stop screamin.. fucker.. you deserve FAR worse than anything I could ever do to you.. ANYWAY I gotta be at work by 4am.. so.. piss off.. er.. I mean.. peace out
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=) [Aug. 5th, 2004|04:59 am]
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