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Hey pal, you ok? [Aug. 30th, 2008|12:25 am]
[mood |Transcedant]
[music |Goldfinger WOO!!!]

I don't... get.. emo people. is life THAT bad? have you managed to dig yourself into such a deep dark hole that you've decided there's no returning to the surface so instead you hide behind dyed hair and drape every posession of yours (yourself included) in black? does that make you feel better? And moreso how do you do that when it's like 102 degrees outside? how do you wear long pants and long sleeve shirts in the sun without passing out? is there some.. secret? and how do you get so white? I mean that can't be healthy... anyway I don't really... CARE.. I just don't get it I mean.. well who cares what I mean. I got an interesting letter today. I guess one of my old credit card providers got tired of waiting for me to pay up so they hired someone else to threaten me. But that's ok.. I kinda wanna get my debts paid up anyway and when they come find me.. it's easier than simply trying to remember who all I owe money too =D so.. got that settled.. well.. not settled but got it uh.. well we made a deal so I don't have to make any court appearanced MAN do I hate going to court. I also hate women. They're evil. Well I think they are anyway. also my stomach hurts.. well it doesn't hurt.. I mean there's a minor ache.. probably all those damn hot dogs. Ballpark knows how to make a hot dog... they look all small in their packaging.. but throw'em on a grill or in the microwave and POOF monster hot dog!!! cheap and delicious =) what else... there's gotta be something else OH! I start my new job in like 7 days or something.. we're not 100% sure. it's gonna be weird. good thing I already know the job right? they're firing the old guy(which I feel kinda bad but.. then again he IS bitter old perverted asshole) to make room for me, so I'm basically going to go in alone.. fire up the forklift and go at the day o.o hopefully I can remember everything quick. I mean it was all easy shit so there shouldn't be a prob aside from getting down the feel of the forklift again. man I'm poor.. this blows. where does my money go? that damn jeep... that's where my money went. hopefully pick n pull will give me a decent check for the damn thing. watch them not accept it.. I'll be pissed. guess I'll try to sell it for parts on craigslist? Iunno.. whatever. it's hot as hell in this damn camper. it's a nice camper and I'm glad it's here but damn conserving energy is hot... temperaturewise. I'm sweatin. but.. that's ok I guess. my body's natural method of attempting to cool itself off costs a lot less then havin the A/C blow all night long. it should only be like 75 degrees in here.. it feels warmer. maybe it's this damn light.. the lights get SUPER hot for some reason.. like a spot light... it's kind of rediculous. anyway.. I've totally fallen for you and for that exact reason I hate you =) goodnight world.