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Short term parking.. [Aug. 25th, 2008|09:57 pm]
[Current Location |here in my bedroom]
[mood |bewildered]
[music |..crickets..]

wowza.. been a while since I've posted, me and the infamous jean have long since gone our seperate ways. I've moved to alabama and back(worst experience ever.. more on that later I'm sure) I'm actually without a car.. which.. blows.. I mean I have my nephew's 2008 Mustang.. but that's a powerwheels aaaand I'm really just better off sticking to my bike. interesting I'm going  back to work at the same warehouse doing the same job I did when I last wrote on this thing.. only 15 bucks an hour.. a lil better than 9 bucks eh? well I thought so.. but that's cool. I'm trying to get away from 2 wheel drive cars that are only good for riding on pavement. I mean I love a double supercharged dodge challenger lowered 2 inches with a classic paint scheme as much as the next guy.. but I don't wanna be annoyed when someone with dirty shoes hops in... so I'm thinkin maybe an '89 Bronco? I don't need the Eddie Bauer BS just.. somethin I can take out on the dirt and not wory about too much. I'm not gonna be takin it on the rubicon, I just want something unnecessarily capable. sure it'll drink gas like I breathe air but it a sense.. it's worth it. I'm about to be makin awesome money with nowhere to go but up, the truck will be paid off.. I'm NEVER financing a car again.. talk about the dumbest thing you can do. most cars lose financial value the second you drive'em off the lot anyway. but yeah.. women are horrible things. I could go into detail and I will for just that reason. I'll meet some girl.. she'll be awesome.. cool as shit to talk to.. we start flirtin cuz she's a sick puppy then one day her boyfriend shows up.. and ur like hey wtf.. who's he? boy-what?? you have a.. how the f*ck long has..? wtf! ok so that's over then you meet another girl but she wants less than nothin to do with you... then some girl has a crush on you but she creeps you out so you stay away from that part of the store.. then the only other girl worth a lick(or 2... heh) is all the F*CKING way on the other F*CKING SIDE OF THE F*CKING country which is like 2 strikes on it's own because SHE wants nothing to do with you. dating ex's is ALWAYS a bad idea even if they are super cute and you 2 were totally in love before since and after you got together and the only reason you ever split was because her parents are DOUCHEBAGS. and so it comes down to you're just lost.. why? good job.. good friends.. loving family.. but one girl.. one single girl who's completely intangible ANYWAY.. can seem to bring an entire otherwise perfect world crashing down into billions and billions of tiny little piercing shards. go figure right? shes not even my type(I like to say things like that so I don't feel as bad) truth is she seems to be more my type than anyone I've come across in ages... seriously.. and I dont just say things like that. I mean once in a while I simply try to convince myself? but I always know the truth under it all you know? anyway yeah I don't know what else... I've been thinking about pot a lot lately.. I haven't smoked in forever which is prob a good thing.. hell I don't even have a PS2 anymore so what's the point really? I should get an XBOX so I can get Tiger Woods Golf... man good memories. I'd love to visit some headshops in tahoe too.. some wicked glass out there.. even if I don't wind up smoking again I'd love to have some of the pieces. I kinda wanna get some of my piercings again.. am I having a midlife crisis at 23 or something? I already want to relive my youth... I'm feeling old I'm feeling like I've already wasted all my time and now I'm merely fighting to get my head above water.. boiling water at that.. stings a little. dang.. girls.. cars.. and work... the only 3 things I need to survive.. 1 girl in particular is all I actually want.. but like I said... intangible.. there's another girl I'd be chill with.. ha ha I said chill.. I mean hell we always had fun with eachother... always.. *cough* but that's not a story yall need to know =D anyway we should do this again sometime.. someone bring marshmallows next time and we'll make s'mores! ciao for now