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it was bound to happen eventually I suppose [Mar. 22nd, 2005|02:51 pm]
[mood |irateBitter even]

man, it's been a while since I've posted huh.. like anyone reads it anyway.. maybe it's more fun talkin to myself though. SO.. me I'm in love, I'm in school, and I'm in a house.. right now. cool. very cool. but mainly I'm in love.. we have our little.. spiffles.. yes spiffles, if you don't know you don't need to. but she's really something wonderful, we've both got things to work on, but what're ya gonna do? hmm.. how about work on them.. them being.. the things we have to work on.. cuz really that's what a relationship is.. you have to relate. and if you don't relate.. well.. try to. the harder you work the more rewarding it'll be at the "and they lived happily ever after" part.. am I right? huh?huh? am i?! yes, yes I am.. why? because i am Robin of Loxley. did you know Robin Hood is actually several stories combined? yep.. so uh.. lemme see.. what else.. I've been trying poorly to sell my van for about 2 or so months.. yeah not much luck.. stupid gas prices.. u know if gas were a buck a gallon, everyone would want my van.. seriously. Jean has a smiley picture of me and her in a duck frame, it's cute, makes me happy.. actually Jean makes me happy.. all the time.. sometimes she gets annoyed with me though, but you can't be in a relationship without being annoyed by one and other once in a while.. well maybe you can.. if you were both deaf and blind.. but that would just suck. blow even. we like to play yahoo games sometimes.. I'm a boardgame person.. she's not.. I think she likes more complex things, going places, physically doing stuff, etc.. me.. I'm more of a simpleton.. board games.. some tv.. maybe a movie 5 times.. heh.. I really like some movies.. like the incredibles.. I thought Finding Nemo was great I had to have watched that like 50 times.. but now.. oh man.. Jean bought the incredibles.. which is really only GREAT if you have a home theatre.. big tv preferred but not necessary.. my back won't crack.. Jean is studying stuff and asked me to go do something, and I was bothered, like I am whenever she seems annoyed or preoccupied.. but it's ok, I'm over it now, it's been about 5 minutes or so.. it's 2:59pm tuesday, march 22nd.. which means I'll be 20 in.. 31 days .. damn.. I'm old, well I feel old.. 20.. maybe when I move out I won't feel so old, I'll feel young again.. but we'll see what happens with that, I guess I have furniture when I move out, furniture and a bad ass radio.. well.. STEREO.. it's not just a radio.. it's pretty much an everything.. which is glorious.. ok,.. well I have to e-mail a grocery list to my mother and maybe she'll buy me SOME GOD DAMNED SUNDAE CONES!

From: (Anonymous)
2005-03-24 03:30 am (UTC)


babe....you are the cutest =) i'm sorry i was so irritated...i just wanted you to go occupy yourself while i pissed myself off doing government. it kinda freaked me out a little how much you were typing..........=) yea..
you're not a simpleton and i don't enjoy complex things MORE. i know...that our fights have kinda given you the impression that i think you're stupid and i want you to be more advanced...i only want that sometimes. i like simple stuff too and i love you........i think we make a great pair and i love you forever and hopefully we'll be together forever and always. i don't know what i'd do without you by my side..keeping me cool and collected. and i don't know what you'd do without me keeping your stuff organized! =) but...i'm sorry i'm so high strung....we gotta work on that i guess. i love you babe
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From: (Anonymous)
2005-06-04 06:15 pm (UTC)
i think i am way anal about everything and you are passive so you just agree with me ....as you once said..just because i "feel so strongly about stuff" but i do believe that you should know i'm not really as anal as the things i say. i guess i am uptight but you wear me down :wink: ;) and i'm starting to give into the things you say but i have to learn it for myself because hearing stuff from other people that i don't agree with kills me. soooo...if you are making money and you are okay then go ahead and spend some of it [not $700 chunks..but SOME of it] because it makes life funner...easier...i guess for you happier too. we never did get to watch that movie of yours.
right now i'm listening to wheezer's "the sweater song" and now sum 41's "pieces" and later Simple Plan's "untitled." they are all pretty good but not as good as kelly clarkson LoL.......i don't think i'm going because i don't have anyone that likes her as much as i do. or even likes her....ashleigh does but she is leaving :( and i also don't want you to go because you don't like her very much..only 'cuz i listen to her. i'd even buy your ticket 'cuz i'm that excited but i think...your disinterest would damper my spirit. i wish ashleigh were here :cries: [in september..'cuz i just thought about it and she IS here.]
next week i am going to be working full time.......i just realized that. i go from practically nothing, no homework or anything, for a month and now i have to work full time....how SHITTY!!! i just realized how much money i'll have. maybe i'll go to the concert after alll.....with no ashleigh!!! :cries: we'll figure out if you wanna go with me or not later :) k i love you babyface. bye bye
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-03-31 06:44 am (UTC)
well..i guess it's weird that you have the incredibles now with a home theatre and a big tv. And you can tell me if you feel young again when you move out. Funny how things work out.
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-05-02 12:58 am (UTC)

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