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OW! AHH! OH GOD IT HURTS!! SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!!! [Oct. 8th, 2004|08:56 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]

ok.. ok.. I'll post.. well.. update.. ok post... .. yeah.. uhm.. National Music Supply is a bad ass company.. they're an Ebay store that deals music instruments[of all types] great prices, great products, and GREAT customer service.. I bought an electric guitar for like 50 bucks.. it's a nice guitar too, I had to tighten like 3 screws but who cares? anyway the deal was it came with a free cord, and a free extra set of Fender™ strings.. well I tore the box open.. and guess what.. no strings.. so I hop online and e-mail the company sayin "hey.. I didn't get any strings" not quite as blunt as that but y'no.. anyway they e-mailed me back with an apology and 3 days after I sent the e-mail the strings were at my door.. KILLER customer service.. if you want a new instrument.. NOT used OR refurbished.. I recommend going to ebay and looking up National Music Supply.. anyway.. homework sucks SUPER ass! YEAH! but Jean.. :) jean doesn't suck at all.. she's just a totally awesomely bodacious babe.. who, mind you, looks damn good in a thong.. yeah you heard me.. she's my babe tho so if you wanna even look at her with any sort of intent.. I will be more than willing to break every posession I have over your dumb little head :) me and her had a small dispute today.. muy small..o but we got over it and alas.. I did not get new shoes[what a tragedy... note the sarcasm] so we had a great day.. or so I think.. cept she has too much homework.. I COULD be wrong but I'm not when I say it's just rediculous.. and I'm bad with essays so i gotta pull one out of my ass tomorrow night and then I'll just do a full on rewrite later.. so uhm.. I'm getting another speaker.. I'm sure I've spoken of my great and mighty stereo that I have so far.. well I guess a friend of a friend needs to get rid of an ancient amped speaker. it sounds like it's a PA speaker.. and what're PA's designed for? volume.. so i'm thinkin about usin that as my sub.. then i'll have all 5.1 channels which means i'll have to redesign my room.. but see I have zero problems with that.. it's gonna be tough this time.. but I already have ideas in the works.. the only thing that sucks is my stereo is 5.1 channels but my DVD player is only Stereo.. but I mean.. that's cool because what's the point of tower speakers if they only pop on to play a sound from behind you from time to time? useless.. I like to be engulfed in the sound at all times.. and my receiver.. has the same casing as one RCA has out... same abilities.. everything's the same.. except mine was put out by Pioneer[awesome company.. I'm loyal] and it was only $99.99 but RCA? they want $199.99.. now I don't know WHY RCA thinks they can get away with charging that much.. and it doesn't even come with the cheapo speaker set that usually comes with the cheapo receivers.. I had an amp problem with my receiver a while back.. got it fixed under warranty.. :) I learned from my mistake.. MAKE SURE it's off an unplugged before disconnecting speakers.. seriously.. anyway..I can't wait.. this is gon' be fun fun fun.. just my stupid bed IT'S SO STUPID! no it's not... my mom is stupid... she could put her wrapping and birthday crap out it in the shed.. but NOOOO.. just go ahead and stick it in MY closet ma cuz I have room like that! jesus.. seriously.. it's stupid.. but yeah.. I have to set up my room to suit me.. and since we movbed in I've never moved my dresser.. SOO I think I'm gonna move my dresser.. totally bitchin, no?.. and for whatever reason.. the illustrators have decided to make the cartoon "Evil Con Varne" incredibly dteailed with shading and everything.. guess they were bored.. anyway.. ok anyway I love Jean. and I desprise school.. that's really all for now.. talk to ya'll later.

From: (Anonymous)
2004-10-09 06:46 pm (UTC)
i think you just straight up ignored my last comment.....you're a little butthole short and stout......jk..jk. anyway, i just am bored...:sigh: i can't wait for tomorrow but tomorrow will pass us by way too damn fast. let's go get caffeine pills or some shit to keep our asses up. lol..it's the dark that makes me tired! or...we are just both wusses that sleep way too damn early for healthy NORMAL teens. j/k..wait..am i? i don't know. anyway...rambling on and on....i miss ya babycakes. i should be doing my essay but i definitely am not. and i love you with all my heart and i want to stay with you foreva and eva. you'll stay in my heart oh how i love you...okay..no more singing. Hanyway, :LOVE!: what does that mean anyway? putting it between colons? how do you spell colon? i think that putting it between colons makes it an action. so when i scream :LOVE!: at you...it is an action. i'm not sure what action..maybe an action of the heart, i'm not really sure. anyway, you're awesome!
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From: (Anonymous)
2004-10-29 09:42 am (UTC)
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