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did you know online journals are also called Blogs? [Sep. 19th, 2004|04:54 pm]
hmm.. uphill... o.O no not today.. went and saw a 91 Geo Storm 4 sale today.. had over 200 THOUSAND miles on it.. I'm spelling the word thousand out because it's more dramatic that way.. so yeah.. I drove it just to drive it.. and u could smell fumes inside it.. acceleration? what's that? oh well.. this car didn't have any.. then the trunk popped open.. so I told the people I'll think about it and call 'em in the next few days.. but I dunno.. we'll see what happens with that.. what else.. oh.. Jean doesn't like me any more.. and understandably she's tired of my bullshit because I'm sort of at a point where I haven't much money.. our anniversary is comin up. I need a new car, I need this and I need that.. and I need a new job.. and I'm one of those people who hates change.. so I don't know what the hell to do.. everything kinda sucks a little bit right now.. and I'm clueless.. I don't know what to do.. I guess that's pretty much it.. the story of my life.. I don't know what to do.. I've never known what to do.. I'm a follower.. I need a guiding light to show me the way.. on my own I'm just a babbling idiot.. it's like I'm running around in a pitch black world and somehow still managing to make wrong decisions.. that's not how it's supposed to be.. it shouldn't be like that at all.. and I've just fallen back into my lil way of doing almost everything wrong.. and if I'm not doing things wrong... then I'm just not doing them right.. there's an in-between right? :huff: I don't know.. I've been hearing myself say that a lot lately "I don't know".. don't even have to ask me.. I'll just tell ya I have no freaking clue so before you even ponder the thought of asking me.. I'll tell you now.. ask someone else.. cuz I don't know.. I won't know.. and mostly likely I never did know.. maybe I'm partially retarded and I just never noticed it.. I have always been a slow learner? oh well..

yup.. things are great