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PIMPLE POPPER!!!!!!!!!!! [Aug. 21st, 2004|08:37 pm]
[mood |gloomygloomy]

Main Entry: 1im·promp·tu
Pronunciation: im-'präm(p)-(")tü, -(")tyü
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from impromptu extemporaneously, from Latin in promptu in readiness
1 : something that is impromptu
2 : a musical composition suggesting improvisation

Main Entry: 2impromptu
Function: adjective
1 : made, done, or formed on or as if on the spur of the moment : IMPROVISED
2 : composed or uttered without previous preparation : EXTEMPORANEOUS
- impromptu adverb
[heh.. what a word...]

HA! yeah I showed all you bitches!!!! THAT'S RIGHT!! YOU'RE ALL BITCHES!!! unless you're Jean.. then you're not a bitch.. but everyone else.. you're all bitches.. k.. I'm working.. not very hard.. but still doin' my nifty warehouse gig.. 9 bucks an hour.. not necessarily a LIVEable income but.. it doesn't amount to a bad sized savings account.. the way I see it.. is if I stay here for another year.. and never be out of a job paying at LEAST $9/hr +.. then.. I'll have a pretty phat savings and I'll probably have a good downpayment for a HOUSE.. that's right bitches.. you heard me.. Jeff is gonna work his ANUS off and have his FIRST property be a house.. once that's paid off.. study study study.. and buy another house.. rent that out.. nice side income.. but not great.. then get another house.. close to a school.. specifically a college.. at least a 3 bedroom so people can share it y'no.. those darn college kids always looking for good housing close to school.. then.. take that money.. and get some richie f*ck house for some widowed old lady to rent out till she dies.. then.. sell it.. and be like WHOA! I be livin LARGE.. all this while still diddling in business and computer EVERYTHING.. comp graphics.. comp networking.. comp programming.. tourbleshooting, repairing.. EVERYTHING! HAZZAH!! :\ Jean's in a farty mood tonight [not like.. farting just.. kinda angry cuz too much BS lately] so.. school.. yeah.. yay for school[you'll note the LOWER CASE letters signifying my great excitement] I mean I AM excited.. and.. thanks to the cheap bastards.. er sorry.. THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT THAT WOULDN'T GIVE ME A GRANT BECAUSE MY STUPID HELPLESS MOM THINKS SHE'S DOING MORE THAN ANY OTHER PARENT EVER HAS BY LETTING ME LIVE WITH HER.. I'VE PAID EVERY DIME SO FAR FOR SCHOOL and that shit wasn't cheap.. almost 700 FUCKING dollars.. I shouldn't be spending 700 FUCKING dollars to continue my education.. NO.. I should be using the money from the college fund that was put in a bank when I was a VERY young lad and has been collecting interest... but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. she just wants me to go.. she doesn't wanna help me get there.. psh.. bitch.. but.. I'm there.. so fuck her.. and dad.. FUCK YOU TOO.. fuckin asshole goin back on everything you said you'd help me with.. FUCK YOU.. aww.. Terra died..[rock girl from teen titans] that sucks... oh well she was too skinny anyway.. stupid american anime.. I don't know what to make of it.. so.. school.. is one week away.. am I prepared? :D sure ain't! but i will be.. I get monday and tuesday off.. so I'll get everything figured out.. anyway.. I wanna keep my van.. but the darn thing.. I dunno.. I want a car.. but a car is SO small.. like.. my van.. when I'm behind you.. it's nerve-racking.. seriously.. you're in this lil tiny 4 cylinder wanna-be racer.. then there's this SUPERSIZED monster vehicle behind you.. roaring from the overhauled V8 under the hood.. somewhat intimidating.. AND.. [unless I'm on a hill] there ain't no way ur gettin away from me..[yeah.. one motherfucker in particular I've been DYIN to come across but so far no luck..] anyway... when I do see you on the street.. I'll be blunt.. YOU'RE DEAD, BITCH! :D yeah.. I'll rip you right out of that lil bitch car you're drivin' and pound your head against the pavement till you stop screamin.. fucker.. you deserve FAR worse than anything I could ever do to you.. ANYWAY I gotta be at work by 4am.. so.. piss off.. er.. I mean.. peace out